City leaders voted in 2013 to change the name of three parks that honored Confederate figures in Memphis. Then, in 2015, they voted to move the Forrest statue. To proceed with the removal, they sought a waiver from the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act, a law that governs the removal, relocation or renaming of memorials on public property.

But as the Telegraph went to press, officials at Boundary Park were still deliberating and, as this saga rumbles on with protests and petitions on social media, Evans is becoming increasingly closer to being portrayed as a victim. His supporters believe it is, in fact, Evans’ life in ruins, rather than the victim’s because he wasn’t welcomed back to football with open arms. Hardly.

The Tongass Highway wound north out of the remote town of Ketchikan, Alaska. To my left, rocky beaches and protected coves showed themselves through a light mist. To my right, densely forested hills climbed out of sight into the fog. A Ford Explorer would work well for you but there not much chance of a right hand drive version any time soon. Mitsubishi no longer has a petrol Pajero and you really limiting your options by eschewing diesels; you appreciate their better economy and towing ability. If it has to be petrol I suggest the Grand Cherokee Jeep five year warranty might help your peace of mind.

I also object to the Swiss (or anyone) making laws to restrict the rights of Muslims to build their mosques the way they like, provided the buildings are within the building codes that apply to all Swiss (or whoever). I think it would be just fine to have muezzins calling from the minarets, but not if the sound is amplified, because that just annoying noise pollution. I object to laws that say women can be veiled if they want to be, but I support those that say they can be veiled when it inappropriate, such as in a bank, a courtroom, or when getting photos taken for official documents like passports and drivers licences.

Not to our standard. We need to do better. McDermott: proud to win. TRESemm presents The Shape Edition. In this advertisement, they have tried something new by syncing the song “Shape of You” with the visuals in a creative way of shooting and editing it. Various sounds of the salon using products and equipment are also used to highlight the background score.

It has a big parking area and a very nice overlook with spectacular views of the canyon. We also enjoyed looking at tables of crafts which were set up by local Native Americans displaying handcrafted jewelry, pottery and other crafts. I was especially intrigued by pottery made with white clay that had horsehair fired into it.